5 of the Best Home Improvement and DIY Apps On The Market

Steve Mallows August 7, 2014 0
5 of the Best Home Improvement and DIY Apps On The Market

DIY and home improvement. Words that are sure to send chills down the spine of any man or woman. The thought of having to spend our weekends undertaking such boring tasks is not appealing. In fact, there are much better things that we could all be doing with our time.

Did you know that you can get home improvement and DIY apps?

That’s right. Your dangerous DIY jobs need not be perilous. In fact, your phone or tablet can help you decide how to complete these tasks with relative ease.

Wiki How

How did you live a life without Wiki? Our lives have become so much easier with Wiki. In fact, I can’t remember a time before Wiki. Thank the lord. If you want free apps that can help you with all of your DIY conundrums, this is the app for you. Should you search ‘how to change a plug’ you’ve got the answer at your fingertips. Thank you, technology. You have saved the day. It’s akin to Wikipedia, but specially designed for DIY. After all, if you want to sell your home you will need to make sure it is in a good state of repair. Estate agents in Tottenham say that neglected homes do not sell quickly. With the Wiki how app, your home is sure to sell in the blink of an eye.

Repairs, life hacks and projects can all be sought in this nifty app. DIY? No problem. This is available on iOS and Android.


This is the ultimate app for the most ardent of DIY fanatics. This app focuses on how to make repairs within the home. If you are somewhat clueless on how to change a light bulb, this app will be your saviour. You can also find out more about electrical items within your home by searching for the make and model within the app. DIY has never been so tech-savvy. This app is also free, which is great news for the frugal among us.

Snap Guide

Unfortunately, this app is only available on iOS. But, it is a great app for all of life’s little problems. Gardening, mechanics and home projects can all be sought from this app. What is more, it is a very visual app too. You don’t have to read through reams of text to understand how to fix your home improvement dilemmas. The app is free too.

iHandy Carpenter

Don’t own a spirit level? No problem. For $1.99, you can have one on your phone. You can now put up shelves, any place, and at any time. You don’t have to lug around your DIY kit to ensure that you have straight shelves. What could be better? Spirit levels are so 2013. The key to straight shelving? The iHandy Carpenter. There is also a protractor within the app too, so if you have any angle related issues, be rest assured that this app is here to help.

Paint Matching App

The paint matching app is perfect for those who want to decorate. Have you spotted a colour that you love on your travels, but don’t know how to explain it to the DIY sales rep? This dilemma is now a thing of the past. The paint matching app is perfect for those who are keen to redecorate in their unique style. Swatches, wallpaper and paint types can all be found with ease within this app. Furthermore, you can get this app on both iOS and Android for free.



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