The Traditional Marketing Channels You Shouldn’t Neglect

Steve Mallows February 9, 2015 0
The Traditional Marketing Channels You Shouldn’t Neglect

There has been a storm of change in the marketing world over the last ten years. Previously the dominant forms of marketing were newspaper ads, billboards and TV adverts. While these channels still exist, they aren’t as powerful as they once were. Instead, savvy marketers have turned their attention towards the power of the internet. It has allowed specific, targeted marketing and a growth of viral brand presence.

However, you shouldn’t discard traditional marketing techniques just yet. In fact, now is the perfect time to invest in some of those traditional channels. With the rush of resources moving to online marketing, there is a big gap developing. It’s leaving affordable and powerful space to promote your new company. Today we’re going to look at how you can tap into those channels and take advantage of them.


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Print advertising

In the right places, print advertising is still incredibly powerful. Although readership is dwindling and moving online, most magazines have a core community. The remaining community that buys magazines are hard-core, devoted individuals. This audience is perfect for strengthening your brand. The first step to reaching forward is a strong, niche community. You’ll find this core community buying magazines in your relevant business sector.

Direct mail

For local services, direct mail can still be hugely effective. Many of the best businesses start small and local. They know that if their service is valued locally, it has the potential to scale up. Introduce your product or service in your local area with direct mail. With the online shift, direct mail has decreased and so people are more likely to open your promotional material. Introduce your service and offer introductory discounts. It can really help kickstart your business.

Telephone sales

The traditional landline is still a vital tool in your marketing arsenal. Although some households are switching to mobile-only, there is a generational divide. Elderly households are sticking to the landline. Similarly, there is a boost in landline use among low income families. This is thanks to the Lifeline program and Q Link providing landline connections to deprived families. Learn more about landline coverage with Q Link CEO, Issa Asad on CBS. There are still core, marketable audiences using landline phones and you should be reaching out to them.

Leaflets and business cards

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a simple leaflet or business card. It tells us everything we need to know about your business. Online marketing is great, but there is the trouble of distraction and sheer volume. A leaflet or business card stays with you. We keep them in drawers or on a pin board for when they come in useful. They give us direct contact information and a link to a real person. They are particularly powerful in the local community.

When you’re building your profile and reputation, don’t forget about traditional channels. Harness them alongside your online presence and use them in harmony. Use these traditional methods to show a more personal, approachable side to your business. Let us know if you have had success with these traditional marketing ideas in the comments below.


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